UAE communications watchdog issues morality guidelines for Facebook

TRAFBThe UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has cautioned residents against using Facebook in a way that is contrary to public morals and the principles of Islam.

The new guidelines appear in the TRA’s ‘Facebook White Paper’, one of several in their series of social media white papers.

It says the laws of the UAE prohibit the publication of content which goes against the social and moral welfare of the UAE or any content that is offensive to a nation or its government.

In reference to Facebook, the white paper says:

Primarily, users should not tag other users without their consent. The UAE law contains broad provisions relating to the protection of privacy and reputation.

The TRA  cautions users against sharing their passwords or otherwise do anything that might jeopardize the security of their account.

The TRA is publishing an entire collection of  UAE Social Media White Papers for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo/Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Store
  • Blackberry
  • Keek

Full versions of the white papers and corresponding infographics will be accessible via the TRA’s official website.


Australia wins key Omani internet contract

The Oman Daily Observer reports that AusRegistry International has been awarded the contract to establish Oman’s Domain Name Registry Service by the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

It reports that the TRA selected the Australian company at the conclusion of a global open tender process, finding AusRegistry International to be “a global leader in the Domain Name Registry Software industry”.

The new domain name hierarchy will incorporate both the existing ‘.om’ identifier and the planned عمان (.oman) using Arabic script.