UAE-funded camp offers hope to displaced Syrians in Jordan

Image Credit: UAE Interact / UAE National Media Council

The new Emirati-funded, Mrejib Al Fhood camp is located at Zarqa, 80 kilometres east of the capital, Amman.

The camp has been open less than a month but already, it’s receiving an average of 100 new arrivals every day.

It covers an area of around 250,000 square metres – roughly the size of 35 football fields and includes 770 trailers set up as makeshift homes.

Image credit: Ammon News

The daily operations of the camp are handled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in coordination with Emirati and local officials.

The facilities are designed to help the refugees feel at home. The complex also includes a separate boys and girls schools, a mosque, outdoor and indoor markets and integrated health clinics.

The camp will also have a water treatment station, solar-powered heaters, a modern irrigation system and family entertainment zone that will include a children’s playground.

Comfort is the least they can be offered after what most have had to endure.

This woman says the sheer volume of human slaughter is what forced her to leave. They put up with missiles and gunfire but couldn’t remain with the slaughter.

The numbers of those fleeing Syria has surpassed UN estimates, the current figure of 1.25 million, is already ten percent higher than was expected by the end of June. Three quarters of those are women and children.

With more than 3.6 million people internally displaced within Syria and no end in sight to the two-year conflict, there is every chance that the exodus could keep growing.

This story originally appeared in Emirates News, 7 May 2013

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